We are an exceptional group of like-minded owners, growers, and service professionals; unparalleled in the greenhouse industry today.

Our vertical integration closes the gap between grower, retailer, and consumer. We are one of the largest fully integrated high-tech greenhouse companies in North America to own and operate farms in Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

Our Brands

Our brands represent stability and innovation in the greenhouse industry. One call provides you with a 12-month greenhouse program, complete with personalized, experienced greenhouse sales and marketing specialists. With distribution centers to serve you, state-of-the-art growing facilities in the USA, Canada, and Mexico; shorter travel times, less shrink, fresher produce, we deliver the very best to our retail partners.

Sweets Family

Red Sun Farms Sales & Marketing takes pride in delivering agricultural services such as our unique Sweet Family, Sweetpops, Sweetpeaks, and Sweetpeps farming programs, through our farms and distribution network, both for our own branded produce, and our customers' branded products. This commitment guarantees year-round quality and consistency.

The Butterfly Story

The Monarch Butterfly is spectacular, not only for its undeniable beauty but also for its commitment in knowing what it will become; and for its scale, in making all of North America it's home. At Red Sun Farms we believe it's no coincidence that the Monarch butterfly begins and ends its journey in our farm regions. Our commitment to quality, flavor, speed, and our scale of three countries and thousands of miles reflects not only the life of the monarch but also our beliefs.

At Red Sun Farms we believe produce should arrive to the plate fast, fresh, and flavorful. We believe the company that grows produce should be responsible for every tomato, cucumber, and pepper; from seed to plate. It's for those reasons we've designed a multinational vertically integrated system, that ensures rapid access to market, with quality and flavor measures throughout. We close the gap between grower, retailer, and consumer. We're committed to continuous improvement because we know that opportunity can be found in every detail.

Transparency in Coverage

This link is to our machine-readable file that includes information regarding negotiated service rates under the JemD International plan. This information is made available in compliance to the transparency in coverage legal requirements.

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