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Food and Drink

Food and Drink

Most of the time when we get together with friends and family it is around food. Food has become not only a way to nourish yourself but a means to socialize, and with socializing comes beverages. We love our veggies, but often are left with the challenge of what to pair with them to compliment their flavors.

First, remember that vegetables are often not eaten or cooked alone, therefore it can be a challenge to choose a wine that fits the exact profile of every vegetable, however, we are here to help.

What types of vegetables are you serving? Lighter vibrant vegetables – peas, greens, celery, cucumber, and green beans, have flavor profiles that can be enhanced with sparkling white wines. Are they cooked or raw? The general rule of thumb for raw vegetables is a crisp white wine. Remember when cooking vegetables, texture and flavors can alter, allowing for richer wines and bold of reds.

Are you cooking with sauce? Rich and creamy or cheese based? All of these things come into play when choosing a wine to compliment your veg. Cream based sauces or protein rich (cheese) dishes often pair well with a Chardonnay, or Pinot Gris.

Crisp whites, rich oaked whites, and light tannic reds like Chianti or Syrah are great as well, especially when roasting and grilling. Spicy sauces pair best with a dry Riesling, bolder reds like Merlot, and a soft fruity red like Zinfandel. Pesto is complimented with a Rose or Sauvignon Blanc.

Who is all about the red wine? That’s our favorite, but that may have something to do with our love of tomatoes. Being acidic tomatoes will taste better with a relatively acidic red like a Sangiovese.

You can also compliment your vegetables and wine by enhancing them with wine friendly ingredients such as: shallots, garlic, thyme and olive oil.

Did you know that an eggplant act as a sponge for whatever seasoning you apply to it? Keep this in mind when pairing with wine.  Remember trust your taste buds, everyone’s taste buds are different.  Try some wines, take note of what you liked and didn’t like, build your pallet.

What’s for dinner with your wine?