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Be Healthy for Game Time

Be Healthy for Game Time

With Holiday feasts still on the mind, unanimously they suggested light, snack foods, not too many leftovers, and food that will help them stay on track with their healthy New Year’s resolutions. So here are some new tried and true recipes to whip up for the weekend.

Going straight to the easy snacks; Roasted Red Pepper Hummus. This find takes about 10 minutes to make and can be eaten with vegetables instead of pita chips.

How about sushi? These Spicy Tuna and avocado cucumber bites are packed with flavor, and none of the rice for filler. Want to keep with this Asian inspired food theme? Try these red lentil spring rolls, packed full of veggies and a ton of taste!

We never say no to steak on a football weekend. How about these steak fajita rolls? Wrap them around our Red Sun Farms Bell Peppers and you’ve got quite the portable snack, that steak lovers won’t  say no to.

It can’t be gameday without Chili.  This Game Day Chili is one we always have on repeat,  just add some bell peppers to the recipe and perfection!

Dips and salsas are a crowd pleaser every time, and our Cowboy Caviar is no exception. It’s a spicy but tangy bean dip that stands out when you’re browsing around the food table.   

No party is complete without Pizza. Try this veggie pizza made with a crescent roll crust, cream cheese, shredded cheese and lots of veggies, we even throw some cucumbers on these just before  you are ready to serve, so they stay crisp.

One thing you cannot forget is the Guac, the Worlds Best Guacamole  is one of our favorite go-to’s when we are short on time, but this dish is definitely not short on crowd appeal.

Burgers on a stick, all the yumminess without eating a whole burger. Finger foods is the name of this game.

Looking for some more party friendly recipes check out our Red Sun Farms Appetizers. Have a great Superbowl Sunday Party.