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Picky Kids? Hide the Veggies

Picky Kids? Hide the Veggies

Trying to get your kids to eat veggies can be every parent’s biggest challenge; so, what do you do? Try hiding them! We’ve gone through the leg work of compiling a few recipes the kids will love, and they won’t even know there are veggies hidden inside. BONUS!!!

Kids love Pizza, right? How about these cheese filled Pizza Rolls packed with 9 different veggies? You also can always play around with the combinations; the options are endless, when using Red Sun Farms produce. Your kids will gobble these up without a second thought. Super Healthy Kids really does know how to make super healthy meals delicious.

Produce for Kids also understands the need in wanting to incorporate veggies into our family’s meals. These Veggie Packed Turkey Meatballs do just that. Might we suggest our Red Sun Farms mini sweet peppers are perfect for the recipe.

Veggies for breakfast is not an easy sell? We know we can put veggies in muffins, but how about pancakes? You heard right! Happy Healthy Mama is all about these Veggie Pancakes, they work with many different vegetable combinations. We like using our bell peppers, and sometimes our tomatoes too.

Unicorn drinks, and snacks were all the rage in 2017. But how about eating a rainbow? Rainbow Fritters are a fun, protein packed, way for your kids to get their veggies in. Best of all they are portable! Packed with bell peppers, chickpea flour, carrots and zucchini (or really any other vegetable you choose) these delicious bites can be eaten right away, frozen for another time, or eaten cold out of the refrigerator. For Healthy Little Foodies  hit a home run with this recipe

How about some dessert? Yes, dessert items can be packed with veggies, and your guests, or kids, won’t even know the difference. Cucumber Lime Sorbet  is utterly refreshing, whether it be on a hot day or to cleanse the pallet between courses, this sorbet, has been requested time and time again, since it’s inception.

Ever tried adding eggplant to a dessert? Fresh Planet Flavor has out done themselves with this weird, but yummy combination. This Chocolate Eggplant Torte is dangerously fudgy, and full of chocolatey goodness. Don’t shy away from this vegan dessert because of the eggplant, you can’t even taste it. The eggplant is there for depth, consistency, and texture. Believe us this chocolate torte will be a family favorite.

And don’t forget sometimes it’s all about making things fun for kids! Maybe it’s a Friday night Pizza bar where they pick their toppings, or maybe you prepare their lunch in fun colorful lunch packs, so your kids get to “play” with their food as they eat. Lauren Greutman has several examples of making meals fun for any meal preference.