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One Pot Wonders

One Pot Wonders

New year, with a fresh start and new goals. One goal can be as simple as getting dinner on the table every night for your busy family. We jumped on the instant pot craze and have compiled a list of tried and true recipes, that will have had even the pickiest of eaters going back for seconds.

Let’s eat like we are in France. Ratatouille made most famous by the Disney movie is a quick and easy way to convince the kiddos to eat their veggies, cook it in the instant pot and you can have a delicious French inspired meal in under 30 minutes. We added bell peppers to this recipe to make it more traditional, but it calls for a whole breath of vegetables from zucchini to eggplant, to tomatoes. Grill some fish or chicken while the veg is cooking and you will have a quick meal.

These snowy winter days often call for comfort soup and, a warm blanket. Since many recipes call for a vegetable soup broth, let’s start there. The beauty with vegetable soup broth is that you can customize it to your own liking. We love using peppers and tomatoes in ours, and we’ll even throw in eggplant to add some more flavor. Once you have the broth you can use it for any recipe even this classic minestrone soup.

Tired of the cold weather put a tropical spin on a classic comfort meal with Slow Cooker Hawaiian Pineapple Chicken, a healthier sweet and sour chicken alternative that only takes 15 minutes to prep in the morning.

How about a snack, this dangerously addictive hummus that can double as a lunch or a snack. Make it in the instant pot and then have packages of cucumbers, bell peppers, cherry & grape tomatoes ready for when you are on the road, after school, or at work. Hummus is a garlicy treat that is perfectly paired with any meal option.

And finally, chili is by far one of the best comfort foods. It is quick, easy, and filling.  Try this  Game Day Chili tonight, for some warm bellies makes and a happy family! This dish can be made with fresh, or canned tomatoes; we are also known to throw in some sweet bell peppers for flavor too. Best of all it can be made in either the slow cooker or the instant pot it’s a time saving meal all around.

If you try any of these great meals let us know how they turned out. Send us a comment or photo of your creation.