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Back to school snacks that will make your kids smi...

Back to school snacks that will make your kids smile!

It’s that time again. Kids are coming home from school hungry and looking for an easy, quick snack. They’re thinking about cookies and soda. You’re thinking about veggies and glasses of fresh water.

Good news! There are some amazing after-school snack options that taste great and will satisfy your kids until dinner.

Healthy snacks are quick and easy with some fresh veggies, sliced and diced. The fun comes in the choice of dip. Layered Hummus Dip, cheesy and full of great vegetables, adds a little more excitement to traditional hummus. Make the hummus dip ahead of time and have plenty of fun dippers on hand for the after school crowd, like whole grain pita chips and sliced carrots and cucumbers.

Speaking of hummus, another fun option is something with a bit more tang. Freezer-Friendly Lemon Hummus can also be made ahead of time and portions are frozen for use throughout the school year. Lemon hummus is creamy but tangy and is great for dipping fresh veggies after school. Encourage kids to spoon their dips into separate small containers so they can have their very own after-school snack they don’t have to share with anyone else in the family! No worries about double dipping either!

Kids love pizza! How about treating them to a healthy, colorful veggie pizza after school? It’s all homemade, of course, with freshly chopped vegetables like carrots, broccoli, red pepper, and cucumbers.

How about these Low-Fat Veggie Squares, which are a great way to get the kids’ attention after school – and steer them away from the cookie jar!

Your kids will love eating what they’ve helped make, so get them involved in preparing their own healthy after school snacks. No matter their age, there is always something they can do to participate in the preparation. For example, the whole family can get in on the act of preparing Cucumber roll-ups with Greek yogurt, a great alternative to traditional after-school sandwiches.

An adult can slice the cucumbers very thin and kids can have fun spreading the yogurt mixture, sprinkling the fresh herbs, adding their favorite thin lunchmeats, and then rolling it all up for a tasty, healthy after-school treat.

Make preparing after school snacks a fun activity the kids will look forward to when they come home from school. You never know, they might even start looking forward to eating their vegetables!