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Breakfast on the Go

Breakfast on the Go

Our lives are busier than ever.  Between soccer, dance, gymnastics, little league, work, etc., there’s not much time to sit down for a healthy breakfast. A hearty start to the day of eggs, bacon, and hash browns is probably out of the question during the week, but there are ways you can plan for a healthy (and quick) breakfast for your busy family on the go.

Use these handy tips to make feeding your family the most important meal of the day easier, even when they’re headed off in a million different directions.

  • Decide ahead of time what you need and when you’ll need it, so you can be prepared in the morning to just grab your healthy breakfast and go!
  • Make double or triple the recipe and freeze when appropriate. Nothing could be easier than defrosting and serving!

Try a twist on the traditional bagel and cream cheese. Cucumber-Lox Toast is a healthy light dish that is easy to make on a busy morning. Greek yogurt is easier to spread than cream cheese. Your favorite whole grain bread is a great replacement for the traditional bagel.

Make and freeze our Savory Pepper Muffins ahead of time. Aged cheddar cheese, red peppers, honey and fresh parsley make a delightful treat for those early mornings when there’s no time and no desire for a bowl of cereal. Prepare these muffins on the weekend and be ready for a week of delicious breakfast treats for the busy family..

Quiche for breakfast? Yes, please! Quiche Pastry Cups are easy to make and can be frozen so you’ll have them when you need them. Premade puff pastry is the perfectly simple solution for the quiche crust. Gruyere cheese, spinach, sweet red pepper, and bacon (yes, bacon) combine for a mouthwatering morning treat that can be enjoyed anywhere.

breakfast burritos

Make breakfast fun for the kids with Make-Ahead Freezable Breakfast Burritos. Whole wheat tortillas filled with red bell pepper, tomatoes, onions, eggs, sausage, and cheese, is a complete and satisfying breakfast that will keep the kids (and the rest of the family) going when they are on the go. Packed with protein, these tasty burritos can also be made ahead of time and frozen.

A little planning and preparation can make hectic mornings easier and healthier for your family. Make your breakfast treats ahead of time, freeze them when you can, then pop them in the microwave to reheat. Breakfast on the go can be tasty, healthy and easy!