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Earth Day

Earth Day

At Red Sun Farms, we’re committed to providing fresh and nutritious veggies all year long, while minimizing waste and acting with sustainably in mind; both at the farm and in the packaging we source. We are proud of our environmental stewardship initiatives and would like to share some ways in which we do our part to help the environment and preserve mother nature.

Water Consumption

Did you know that greenhouse-grown veggies use significantly less water than field-grown produce? Thanks to modern technology, 75%-85% of that water is rainwater that has been gathered from the roofs of our greenhouses. Water that is not used by the plant is sterilized, reconditioned, and recycled back into the greenhouse. This is huge when you consider that each plant consumes 1L - 2L of water per day, and up to 3L of water in the heat of the summer. Water conservation is an important aspect of modern greenhouse growing that we take great pride in!

Sustainable Packaging

Last year we converted all of our labels to a Clear 100% recyclable structure. Meaning that our pepper wrap and clamshell varieties are now fully recyclable!

One of our biggest success stories was the launch of our recyclable and compostable fiber packaging for Organic Grape tomatoes. We work closely with our packaging suppliers to develop new, sustainable options. In fact, we collaborated with one of our suppliers to create a fiber-based pint package to reduce plastic use by over 90%. This package captured an innovation award in Berlin, Germany last February and is quickly achieving success across the globe. Red Sun Farms was the first to introduce this unique technology in produce 5 years ago, and consumers love it!

Reducing Food Waste

Most people don’t realize just how much food is wasted – from uneaten leftovers to spoiled produce, this issue has become a huge burden on our plant. At Red Sun Farms, we love to promote and encourage healthy eating through new recipes and blog tips. One simple way you can make a HUGE difference at home is to eat everything on your plate, especially the veggies! We all have a role to play in reducing our carbon footprint.

If you would like to read more about Food Waste in America, the USD has some great information available here:


What are some of the ways in which you act sustainably at home? Do you have a backyard compost? Have you found a creative way to recycle an old t-shirt? Share your pictures and story! Email us at or use the hashtag: #RSFEarthDay2021 on Facebook and Instagram.

Happy Earth Day Everyone!