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Fun Alternative Ways to Celebrate Halloween This Y...

Fun Alternative Ways to Celebrate Halloween This Year

Halloween is undoubtedly going to be very different this year, given the health, safety, and economic situation around Covid19, and although things remain uncertain, one thing remains clear: we need to start looking for new traditions and ways to celebrate family and holidays. 

Our team is here to help!  We’ve searched the internet and compiled some of the best ideas to get you and your family involved in Halloween fun this year. We have to say...some of these have the makings of a new tradition!


  1. Drive-by-trick-or-treating is a different option to traditional Halloween. Much like how we celebrated birthdays this year by decorating our cars and drive-by wishing our loved one's Happy Birthday, we could do the same for Halloween. Instead of walking door-to-door, we can drive through the neighborhood and toss out candy to the kids waiting in their yards, all dressed up in their best Halloween costumes.
  2. A graveyard trick or treat is another alternative to traditional Halloween. The idea is to set up headstones in your yard and placing candy bowls at each one. It's a fun activity for the kids, and they will be sure to have lots of fun. 
  3. Glow in the dark egg candy hunts needs to happen all year round because this one is by far our favorite and sure to be a fun-packed night for everyone. You buy the same plastic eggs you buy around easter, but instead of filling them with chocolate eggs, you fill them with glowsticks and candy and hide them around the yard. Wait until the sun sets and have the kiddos egg hunt for their candy. 
  4. Trunk or treating is gaining popularity this year- This is a great idea for schools and churches looking for ways to bring the community together. Parents could decorate the trunks of their vehicles and park in a large parking lot. The kids walk around to each car, collecting candy in their Halloween costumes. Adults can supervise, ensuring kids sanitize their hands often, and designate one person at each vehicle to hand out candy.
  5. Zoom pumpkin carving or painting contest. If you and the family are looking for fun activities centered around Halloween, arrange a zoom pumpkin-carving or painting contest with your family and friends. Here is a link to some great ideas we found on Pinterest.
  6. And finally, look for local events like "drive-thru" haunted houses or go to a drive-in theatre for a fun family night watching a classic Halloween movie. 


Of course, we all miss traditional door-to-door trick-or-treating, and we might even feel a little sad about missing out this year. However, now is the opportunity to connect with our kids, have some fun, and be creative. That sure seems like a win-win to us!