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Halloween Tricks and Treats

Halloween Tricks and Treats

"Trick-or-treat!" This fun Halloween phrase rewards us with loads of sweet candy to enjoy. Now with these recipes from Red Sun Farms, let your party guests decide who gets a trick or a treat.

Recipe Tricks Wow party guests with witches’ fingers! Bake a plain cheese pizza, trim into long rectangle fingers, and attach red sweet bell pepper triangles for fingers. Spooky! Looking for braaaaains? Make Spooky Spaghetti-Stuffed Peppers by hollowing out our sweet bell peppers and filling with spaghetti made with tomato sauce. Zombies are welcome. For creepy-crawlers, pile on the veggies in Halloween Five-Layer Dip, topped with a spider web. Bonus points for using freshly chopped tomatoes!

Recipe Treats Little ones need not be afraid with adorable Lil’ Cucumber Monsters, made with cool cucumber slices, sweet tomatoes and crunchy bell peppers. Funky Frankenstein Sandwiches with cucumber strips make a lunchtime staple much more fun! Lastly, Halloween Nachos are sure to please with a variety of flavors (and faces!). Add variety with different toppings for all to enjoy.

For more fun and healthy Halloween recipes, check out our Halloween pinboard. Happy Halloween!

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