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Staying Healthy at Work

Staying Healthy at Work

Vending machines, local restaurants and quick takeout, are all work temptations that can keep you from eating healthy. Often, even if you pack your own lunch, it can be difficult to plan for snacks, lunches, and activities that will keep you on track throughout your workday. Taking the time each morning, or, the night before, to plan nutritious food options for your busy day is key to staying healthy at work.

Start your day with a good breakfast! If you need to get up a few minutes early, the protein and nutrients in a hearty first meal of the day is a great start to staying healthy and energized through the next eight hours! Toss some chopped onions, celery, Red Sun Farms sweet bell peppers, or spinach into scrambled eggs for an easy, tasty breakfast treat.

Sandwiches are handy for lunch, but a bowl of Tomato, Cucumber and Bell Pepper Gazpacho would really hit the spot on a hot summer day. Make it ahead of time so you can dish out small containers to pack in a lunch cooler. Delicious and nutritious! If you prefer a sandwich, pack a whole grain pita with fresh Red Sun Farms cucumbers, tomatoes, and bell peppers, along with lean meat such as turkey and light cheese.

While packing your own lunch is important for your physically and your financial health, taking along a couple snacks that are filling is also essential for preventing hunger and temptation during the day. A mid-morning snack and a mid-afternoon snack will keep your hunger satisfied and your mind, and body, ready to complete your work day in a positive way. Keep cut vegetables on hand to grab on your break. Prepare a healthy dip, made with avocados or hummus, and use sliced Red Sun Farms cucumbers and sweet bell peppers.

While you’re eating healthier, be sure to stay hydrated. Drink lots of water and avoid the temptation of the soda machines in the break room. During the hot summer months, it’s especially critical to keep fresh water handy and to drink it often, whether you work outdoors or in an air-conditioned office.

You should also get up and move around to stay healthy! If you’re sitting in that comfy chair most of the day, take frequent breaks to stretch and to get in some rejuvenating steps. Walk up and down the hall or around the building. You’ll return refreshed and maybe even a little sharper mentally!

It is possible to stay healthy during the workday. Plan ahead so you can avoid temptations and so you can have nutritious, handy food choices that fill you up and keep you going strong all day!