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Vacation Time: Your Best (and Healthiest) Road Tri...

Vacation Time: Your Best (and Healthiest) Road Trip Yet!

Summer is family vacation time and the perfect time to hit the road. Road trips are an exciting way to see the sights across your state and country. Just pile the family into the car, SUV, or RV, and off you go!


But what to do when hunger strikes?! Even when you’re traveling, you can still enjoy healthy food choices. Instead of reaching for a bag of chips or stopping at a convenience store for a pre-packaged snack, plan ahead and take along these healthy treats for the family to enjoy along with the beautiful sights on the way.


HINT: Get everyone to pitch in and these delicious snacks and meals will take less time and be more fun to prepare. There are a lot of great options so that you don’t have to go to a restaurant for every meal while you’re traveling, or after you’ve arrived at your favorite destination, saving you money and keeping everyone healthy.


Planning is key for a great vacation. Just as you plan your road trip and favorite places to stop along the way, plan your snacks and meals. Stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables. Slice them, cube them, and store them in easily packable containers so your cooler is full of delightful treats for snacking and for healthy meals. Simple snacks such as fresh sliced cucumber and dipping sauce can easily replace bags of chips on the road and at the pool. What could be more refreshing than tasty, healthy cukes in the summer sun?


The kids in the family will be entertained and will have their non-stop hunger satisfied with some pita pockets of their own design. Before you head out on your road trip, gather the family in the kitchen and have everyone fill their pita pocket with lots of healthy veggies. Be sure to include fresh Red Sun Farms tomatoes and cucumbers as well as turkey, cheese, hummus, and other sandwich ingredients your family loves! Place each pita in a sandwich bag and then let the kids decorate their own bag. They’ll be excited to open up their very own pita pocket once you get on the road.


A make-ahead salad is always great for a lunch stop along the way. Before you leave home, prepare the salad with lots of chopped vegetables, nuts, and cheese. Store in an airtight container and pack it in the cooler with your favourite dressings.


What’s a summer vacation without burgers? Instead of heading out for fast food, throw together some easy summer veggie burgers and top them with fresh sliced tomatoes from your travel containers. Even better, if your vacation stops have a grill and outdoor tables, make it a fun family picnic!


On a road trip, it’s especially important to eat healthy so you’ll have more energy to visit parks, museums, and other sights of interest along the way. There are many tasty and nutritious options that are easy to make and easy to pack. Instead of chips and dip, pack some homemade guacamole and bell pepper strips as the dippers. String cheese is always fun and a great protein choice. Of course, always be sure to take lots of water!


Plan ahead for a healthy vacation, for your road trips and your food choices. Use your imagination! Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the adventure! The best part of a road trip is not in getting to the destination at a certain time, but in getting the most out of the time spent on the journey!