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Myths & Facts: Greenhouse Edition

Myths & Facts: Greenhouse Edition

With all the hype around cleaner eating, buying local, eating organic or as natural as possible, when it comes to buying fresh produce, it can be a daunting task for consumers. So today let’s try and make this process a little easier. We'll explain how the greenhouses at Red Sun Farms work so you can have a better peace of mind about the produce you serve.

At Red Sun Farms, all of our products are grown in a controlled greenhouse environment and naturally free of genetically modified seeds and harsh chemical pesticides. By controlling the seed selection and the environmental conditions, we reduce the need for pesticides. If a "pest" species is identified within a greenhouse, a natural predator to the "pest" (such as a wasp or ladybug) is released and eliminates the problem. Strategically placed "bait plants" are also utilized within our greenhouses. These "bait plants" attract harmful pests and then the plants are removed entirely to eliminate the insect threat in a natural manner. Red Sun Farms is innovative with recycling techniques and strives to maintain a "green" greenhouse with 100% of the water and nutrients not consumed by the plant being sterilized, re-conditioned, and recycled back into the greenhouse.  

To learn more about our growing process, and a behind the scenes look at our greenhouses, view our video on our homepage. Watch us grow and follow us on  Facebook,  Twitter, and  Instagram.  

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