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Amazing produce hacks for health – and beauty!

Amazing produce hacks for health – and beauty!

Did you know that most fruits and vegetables don’t play nice in the icebox? And to avoid foul play, it’s common to store them separately. Looking to rejuvenate your skin? Fresh vegetables can help! We’ve uncovered the most amazing produce hacks for keeping your produce fresh and ready to serve your family, and for keeping your skin refreshed and healthy all year long!

No one likes spoiled produce and most would try just about any trick to keep produce fresh as long as possible. This produce hack is all washing and storage for longer-lasting produce. Before storing your recently purchased produce, give them nice rinse and dry thoroughly to help keep them looking fresh. Storing in an airtight container with a dry paper towel will soak up any moisture.

Red Sun Farms tomatoes always taste best when kept on the counter. We know there will be temptation to store in the refrigerator, but trust us; your taste buds will thank you. Red Sun Farms cucumbers like to be washed and dried thoroughly. Try this simple produce hack for extra freshness by placing inside a plastic bag. Remember don’t seal that bag though, airflow is a good thing for cucumbers.

Those cool, crisp cucumbers can also help keep your skin fresh and healthy. You’ve probably heard about placing sliced cucumbers over your eyelids to reduce swelling. That’s because cucumbers are mostly water and can calm irritated skin. Cucumbers can be soothing and hydrating for the entire face. Mix cucumber, honey, and yogurt to create an inexpensive but effective (and good smelling) facial mask!

Need a hack for giving your potatoes longer lives? Add an apple to the mix! That ethylene gas actually helps potatoes stay fresher longer. Keep potatoes out of the refrigerator, in the dark, and away from onions, which also give off gases!

Speaking of apples, are you frustrated with yours turning brown after they’re sliced? Keep your cut apples – and halved avocados – looking and tasting fresh by brushing on a little lime or lemon juice. Store them in an airtight container so they’re ready to serve at any time!

Following these produce hacks will give you longer-lasting, fresher, and tastier produce throughout the year! Share your favorite produce hack with us.