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Step out of the box! Unique takes on traditional r...

Step out of the box! Unique takes on traditional recipe ideas

Spring is here, and summer is around the corner. Barbecue season is kicking off, and the warmth of the sun awakens new cravings. Sparking the itch to try new recipes, flavor variations, and cooking methods, and to step away from the traditional. Here’s a list of a few recipes that will get you experimenting in the kitchen.

On the Grill

Nothing tastes like food cooked on the grill. These Grilled Hawaiian Beef Kabobs from the Slow Roasted Italian are no exception. The recipe calls for Red Bell Peppers, but since we have a variety of colors we often like to add a few of each. Mix them with the onion, marinated beef tips, and pineapple.  This dish is a combination of sweet, tangy, and zesty delicious island flavor, and it will have you dreaming of a tropical island, and it’s perfection for your long weekend barbeque.

How about Burgers? Nothing says backyard barbeque party more than burgers. Peas and Crayons has created a Veggie Packed Burger, with a delectable Chipotle Honey Mustard. Infused with chopped bell peppers you can top these black bean veggie burgers with everything from cheese and lettuce, to tomatoes and avocado; a truly traditional barbecue treat.

Appetizers | Sides | or Snacks

Bruschetta is always a traditional favorite. But that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a fun twist, like this Cucumber Bruschetta from Spend with Pennies where she lets cucumber take center stage. Bruschetta is more than toppings – really, it’s all about the bread, lightly toasted bread rubbed with olive oil and garlic, then add whatever topping you prefer to the bread and you’ve got your own bruschetta. This recipe is a combination of cucumbers and tomatoes, its fresh, crisp and light flavors are another perfect item for that outdoor barbeque.

Tabouli Salad is another show stopper, where the veggies aren’t the spotlight but as co-stars in this dish that makes the Parsley, as The Mediterranean Dish says, shines, flourishes and gets right into character. English cucumbers and finely chopped firm tomatoes enhance this refreshing Mediterranean side dish.

How about wraps that promote eating more greens? And and by greens we mean Avocados We love it! Emilie Eats is right when she says, “Avocado > Mayo”. Avocado Chickpea Salad Collard Wraps full of bell peppers, celery, carrots, chickpeas and mashed avocado wrapped in a collard leaf, gets your greens in, while potentially finding a new mayo alternative.

Let’s have some fun, with sushi stacks, spicy tuna stacks , sans seaweed to be exact. Jamonkey has created a delicate balance of jasmine rice, avocado, cucumber, and sriracha blended tuna. It’s a simple grab and go that has an esthetic appeal to be a great conversation starter at your next outdoor get together.

Finally, My Pcos Kitchen’s Roasted Vegetable Terrane is another unique recipe we think you’ll love. The trick is to not slice the vegetables too thin, so don’t be afraid of the knife. Then grill your vegetables in a panini maker, on the barbecue, or bake them in the oven. Stack the ingredients together, chill and serve cold. We used our Red Sun Farms purple eggplant, and red bell peppers, mixed with mushrooms, boiled spinach, goat cheese and zucchini.  Your taste buds will be met with a glorious array of textures and flavors that all flow seamlessly together, in a crust less vegetable layered pie perfect for spring.

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