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When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade

The world around us has changed immensely in the past few weeks.  We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time of uncertainty.  But instead of having the mindset that you are “stuck at home” change it to you are “safe at home”.  You can view this as an opportunity to make the most of this quiet time, family time and change of pace.  Use these unusual circumstances to play board games with the family; read new books or re-read some of your old favorites; get back into your hobbies (I’ve knit several pairs of socks already!); binge watch tv shows and movies; or take advantage of all of the free online classes companies are offering (dance classes, cooking classes, painting classes, etc.)  to name a few.


At Red Sun Farms we would like to make sure that all of you out there have the tools you need to keep you and your loved ones as healthy as possible!  I have listened to a bunch of podcasts and read some articles to help give you tips to do just that.


Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  That couldn’t be more true today.  Following CDC, WHO, CPHA, etc. guidelines of washing your hands often and following social distancing protocols will go a long way to help prevention.  But what other things can you do?


I listened to special guest Jackie London, RD on the SpotOn! Podcast where the subject was “Eat to Beat the Cold and Flu” and she talked about how critical it was to wash your hands with soap and water.  She also touched upon the importance of sleep to help boost the immune system.   


Next on my list was Liz's Healthy Table Podcast with guest Leslie Bonci, MPH, RDN.  This episode was entitled “How to Stock a Healthy Quarantine Kitchen”.  They discussed how this COVID-19 virus is NOT a foodborne illness.  Fresh produce is completely safe to eat.  They recommended that you wash your hands before washing your produce under running water – which you should always do.  They also talked about what to eat to support your immune system:

  • Eat enough – now is not the time to restrict calories. If your body is fighting infection, it needs to have the fuel to be able to do it!
  • Hydrate well – fresh produce is an excellent way to help with hydration!
  • Optimize protein intake.
  • Eat a lot of produce for the phytonutrients they contain.


This podcast was a really good listen.  They made the suggestion that you take stock of what you have in your pantry, fridge, and freezer already in order to use those things up.  Both ladies shared some great recipes on what to use different items for.


I also watched Mandy Enright, RD’s YouTube video called Corona Virus: How to Prepare and she had some great tips on things to stock up on to keep your nutrition optimal.  Mandy also suggested taking inventory of what you have and use it up so that you’re not out of room and you’re not wasting food.


Next, I read great articles on Why is it important to eat vegetables, Fruit and Vegetable Safety, and living in this new reality.  For those parents out there who are struggling to get their kids to eat more well-rounded and nutritious snacks, this blog has 30 great ideas that might be a fit for your family!


Stay healthy, stay safe and give yourself some love!