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Greenhouse Facts: Get to know where produce comes...

Greenhouse Facts: Get to know where produce comes from

Do you know where fresh veggies come from? Many people still have a preconceived notion that tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers are grown on a picturesque farm, in vast fields, under the sun. Although many farms still use this approach, you may be surprised to learn how modern, high-tech greenhouse farming has evolved the way we grow and consume fresh produce. 

While greenhouse growing still utilizes the power of sunshine, produce grown in a high-tech greenhouse facility maintains quality standards to guarantee it arrives fast, fresh, and flavorful to your local grocery store. Let’s dive into how we make it all work!

It all starts with seed selection:

  1. The produce grown at our farms goes through an extensive seed selection process. Right from the start, we want to ensure that only the very best seeds of the highest quality are used. As part of our search, we continuously trial different seed varieties from all over the world until we find one that’s just right. 

The perfect growing environment:

  1. High-tech greenhouses are home to acres and acres of plants. Our seedlings are nurtured right from the start in a controlled environment that allows the plants to thrive! In optimal growing conditions, happy healthy plants produce quality fruit that tastes amazing! That’s why it’s so important to take good care of every single plant.

Water is key:

  1. We all know that water is a vital ingredient to growing healthy plants - but did you know that modern greenhouses also use water to regulate and control the temperature of the farm? Warm water is channeled through rales that run along each row of the greenhouse, ensuring the plants stay consistently warm and hydrated. Not one drop goes to waste! 

Natural Pollinators: 

  1. Just like in nature, we still need pollinators to help get the job done! Recognized as our tiniest employees, bumblebees and ladybugs play a big role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem for our plants. The bees act as natural pollinators and ladybugs a natural pest control, taking care of any unwanted pests. 

State-of-the-art technology:

  1. High-tech greenhouses strive to push the boundaries of cutting-edge growing technologies. From high-tech lighting systems that mimic the light cycle of the sun, to advances in water recirculation and recycling systems, we’re always evolving and investing in the future. 

Ready for harvest:

  1. Once the veggies are ready to be picked, they don’t have far to travel before being packed and shipped to your local grocery store. Harvesting and packing is a quick process, and our farms are strategically located to support our customers in minimal lead times.  This is to ensure that we pack and ship only the freshest produce, ready for your next meal.

A great flavor profile and year-round availability seem like pretty incredible benefits to greenhouse-grown produce! Next time you need to pick up fresh veggies while you’re strolling down the produce aisle, make sure you look for the Red Sun Farms brand to ensure greenhouse-grown goodness.