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Red Sun Farms CEO Joins 5th Agricultural Social Re...

Red Sun Farms CEO Joins 5th Agricultural Social Responsibility Symposium in Guadalajara, Mexico

Red Sun Farms' CEO, Carlos Visconti, proudly participated in the 5th Agricultural Social Responsibility Symposium held in Guadalajara, Jalisco. This symposium, hosted by the AMHPAC, serves as a crucial platform for industry leaders to discuss challenges shaping the future of agricultural production, including sustainability requirements.

During the symposium's Inaugural Ceremony, attended by representatives from prominent agricultural organizations, key topics such as T-MEC, staff retention, labor reforms, efficient water use, and good farming practices were discussed. The event drew around 150 participants from different Mexican states, focusing on training for directors, managers, coordinators, and leaders in agricultural social responsibility.

The symposium highlights the commitment of industry leaders like Red Sun Farms to fostering sustainability and responsible practices within the agricultural sector. Carlos Visconti's presence underscores Red Sun Farms' dedication to staying informed and actively contributing to discussions on social responsibility trends for a sustainable future.