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Red Sun Farms Shines at Indoor Ag-con, Focus on Ve...

Red Sun Farms Shines at Indoor Ag-con, Focus on Vertical Farming Advancements

Red Sun Farms took center stage recently at the 2024 Indoor Ag-con in Las Vegas. As a distinguished guest, Jim DiMenna, President of Red Sun Farms, was invited to speak during a keynote presentation and highlighted the importance of strategic industry growth. The keynote panel, consisting of five industry leaders, participated in a thought-provoking discussion, sharing their insights, expertise, and anticipated industry trends. As one of the largest greenhouse growing operations in North America, Red Sun Farms is delighted to share insights and engage in a thought-provoking discussion. We would like to thank the event organizers for hosting this insightful gathering.

About the Indoor Ag-Con

This event showcased cutting-edge advancements in vertical farming practices, crop-growing technology systems, grow equipment, crop selection strategies, and more, drawing industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders from across the globe. To learn more about the Indoor Ag-con show, visit: