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Red Sun Farms Announces Fresh New Logo

Red Sun Farms Announces Fresh New Logo

Red Sun Farms Announces Fresh New Logo, demanding stronger presence in the market place.

Kingsville, Ontario February 2, 2021- Red Sun Farms, a vertically integrated high-tech greenhouse grower with locations in Canada, USA, and Mexico, responds to customer demands for more visible branding in the retail environment.

The new logo incorporates the iconic butterfly while maintaining bright, bold colours that honour the history of the brand, ensuring continuity and consistency. Its modern refresh reflects growth and innovation that reenforces a positive and progressive brand identity.

This striking move comes shortly after the company’s graphic refresh launch, which centers their design around visibility and transparency to Red Sun Farms high-tech tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. The organizations focus on these design enhancements are all about the clarity and authenticity of their produce while maintaining the highest in quality and flavour year-round.

This courageous move was the result of market research, retailer feedback, and consumer inquiries designed to improve customer connection to the brand, and to encompass future growth opportunities of the company.

“As the brand continues to grow in both retail & trade events, it was clear that we also needed to evolve our logo to better represents who we are today, while encompassing the possibilities of where we will grow our business tomorrow.” states Carlos Visconti, CEO of Red Sun Farms Canada & the USA, “We continue to invest in our future and our brand to better support our customers.”

About Red Sun Farms –
Red Sun Farms is the largest vertically integrated North American Greenhouse grower, ensuring control over every step of the supply chain. Red Sun Farms owns greenhouses in Mexico, USA, and Canada. Quality is maintained from seed to plate to serve our consumers in Canada & the US.