Sweet Potato Red Pepper Salad with Avocado

Sweet Potato Red Pepper Salad with Avocado

Sweet potatoes paired with roasted red peppers is a great flavor combination. The avocado yogurt dressing provides a delicious alternative to mayonnaise. Serve at family get togethers, or take it to work for lunch.

Prep time: 25 mins

Total time: 40 mins

Skill level: Medium

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Steam Potatoes

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  1. Place the sweet potatoes in a colander. Fill a pot with 2 inches of hot water and rest the colander in the pot. Cover with a lid. Bring to a boil and steam until the potatoes are soft (about 10-14 minutes). Let cool.
  2. Meanwhile, to make the dressing, peel the avocado and remove the pit. Place in a bowl and add half the yogurt. Mash the avocado and yogurt together with a potato masher. Add the garlic, honey and continue mashing. The dressing can also be made in a small blender.
  3. Add more yogurt to thin the mixture. Use a whisk to make the mixture smooth. If the mixture is still too thick, you can add more yogurt or water. Once desired consistency is achieved, season to taste with sea salt and pepper.
  4. To make the salad, place the potatoes into a bowl and add the celery, red peppers, green onion and dill. Add some of the dressing and mix. Additional dressing can be added as desired.
  5. Season again with sea salt and pepper, if needed. Can be served a room temperature or chilled. Excess dressing can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.

Tip: This recipe can be made with white potatoes, using the same method or combine sweet potatoes and white potatoes together. If using white potatoes, be sure to leave the skin on for extra fiber. Yukon Gold potatoes are a perfect variety to choose.

To roast a red pepper: Cut the red pepper in half and remove the seeds. Flatten the two pieces of red pepper and place on a tray. Put the tray under the broiler and blacken the skin. Let cool and peel off the skin. Use as directed in the recipe.

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