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10 Savory Snacking Recipes

10 Savory Snacking Recipes

It doesn’t matter if you’re 9 or you’re 90 — we all love snack time! Here at Red Sun Farms we have coined ourselves snack time experts (self-proclaimed of course!), and we’re bringing you the best and even healthy snack options to tackle those afternoon munchies! Think outside the box with our top 10 Savory Snacking Recipes.

  1. Red Pepper Sorbet: The perfect combination for a hot summer day, this sweet red bell pepper sorbet is cold and refreshing!
  2. Burrata Tomato Salad: This is no ordinary salad. Our sweet tomatoes, salty burrata cheese, crisp bacon and fresh basil deliver amazing flavors.
  3. Cucumber Avocado Roll-Up Wraps: Crisp and cool cucumbers roll-ups are bite-sized and portable for snacking on the go!
  4. Fresh Tomato Caprese Kabobs Ditch the crackers and go for a low carb snack with fresh tomatoes, veggies and basil.
  5. Grilled Bell Pepper Wraps with Blueberry Bell Pepper Relish: Our recipe makes enough for a meal, but these produce-packed lettuce wraps can be served in snack-size portions.
  6. Crispy Parmesan Tomato Chips: Tomato Chips are sweet and salty, without the added calories and carbohydrates of fried potato chips!
  7. Cucumber Hummus Boats: Cucumber Hummus Boats are cool, crunchy and creamy — the perfect summertime snack combo!
  8. Yellow Pepper Jam: Pineapple juice and our sweet bell peppers combine to create a delicious, gourmet jam. Spread this tasty creation on rosemary crackers, crusty French bread and more!
  9. Sweet Bell Pepper Nachos: This recipe is among our test kitchen favorites! Swap out tortilla chips for bell peppers for a unique snack that’s as delicious as it is nutritious.
  10. Thai Cucumber Salad: Crisp cucumbers combined with chopped peanuts and green onions make up this snack-sized salad.

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