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5 Creative Ways to Serve Fruits & Veggies

5 Creative Ways to Serve Fruits & Veggies

School is out and the kids are now home, rummaging through the fridge. Let us help you provide them with a healthy snack of fruits and veggies — served in creative ways, making kids go to the fridge and providing food that’s downright fun to eat! Pssst…guess what? These five unique and fun ways to serve fruits and veggies aren’t only for the kids; the adults can play, too! Shake things up at your next get together or special occasion with treats that aren’t only kid-friendly but also make you feel like a kid again yourself!  

Here are five new ways to serve fruits and veggies:  

  1. Kabobs. Let’s face it: food on a stick is fun to eat! Skewer slices of Red Sun Farms’ cucumbers, sweet bell peppers and cherry tomatoes on toothpicks to make veggie kabobs for snacking at the pool. Add cheese cubes for a protein punch.  
  2. Pretty Shapes. A cookie cutter can do wonders! Use one to cut cucumbers and whole wheat pita bread into shapes like flowers to dip and dunk into hummus or a zesty summer dip for backyard barbecues or camp-outs.  
  3. Silly Faces. Perfect for pizza nights! Top pizzas with two black olives for eyes and a sweet bell pepper strip for a mouth. Bonus points for serving pizza using eggplant as a base to get more veggie in, our Eggplant Pizza recipe!  
  4. Step Up the Veggie Platter. Family gatherings, kids’ parties, and summer hangouts are all great places to bring a Veggie Platter 2.0! Use a crinkle cutter and colorful dips for a crowd-pleasing snack.    
  5. Replace Carbs. Mix it up by replacing carbs with fruits and veggies! Grilled Chicken Lettuce Wraps are a fun way to eat with your hands, with pops of sweetness and crunch from blueberries and sweet bell peppers. The whole family will enjoy Sweet Bell Pepper Nachos, a twist on the classic that’s equally cheesy and satisfying.  

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