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5-Ingredient (or less!) Dinners

5-Ingredient (or less!) Dinners

With the summer heat still upon us and school back in session, easy weeknight dinners are a must! These 5-Ingredient (or less!) Dinners are perfect for getting a family dinner on the table easily. Have fun with mix and match recipes throughout the week, and enjoy the freshness and nutrition from all of our Red Sun Farms greenhouse vegetables.

  • Steak Rolls: Delicious marinated flank steak wrapped around a handful of fresh vegetables, such as our sweet bell peppers, make for the perfect meal that’s gluten free and ready in less than 30 minutes! Serve with steamed brown rice.
  • Portobello Mushroom Pizza: Indulge on a family favorite with extra veggies with Portobello mushroom as the pizza "crust," topped with one of the many varieties of our Artisan Series of tomatoes. It’s also a naturally gluten free dish (just check the cheese packaging).
  • Penne with Green Beans and Tomatoes: A refreshing pasta dish that’s light yet comforting, Penne with Green Beans and Tomatoes blends the classic flavors of cheese, tomatoes and herbs for a vegetarian dinner in a snap that the whole family will love.
  • Pan-Roasted Chicken: Fresh, sweet tomatoes, salty Kalamata olives and capers give Pan-Roasted Chicken a balance of sweet and salty flavor with the added benefit of great nutrition.

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